Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My Experience With Chinese Water Torture

Most journalists at one time or another have said to themselves, "I could go into PR. It would be easy. I know how journalists think/act/behave."

Oh really? Don't reach that conclusion until you've had a story written about you -- as is happening at this very moment to little old moi.

Well, to be precise the story is not all about me, but it seems to include me, and I have been interviewed extensively for it. Now I don't want to "pull a Patrick Byrne" and say who this gentleman is or tell you the name of his publication. But I can say that I find the experience unnerving for a whole bunch of reasons, among them the very distinct impression that he... well.... let's just say I'm nervous, that's all. For example, I just got an email today from him that I found disturbing. Not being you-know-who, I won't share it with you. I may not be in PR, but I am not that dumb.

Waiting for this article to come out has been torture, given my (hopefully inaccurate) perception of its thrust and slant. However, that brings me back to my initial point. Every journalist who's been a subject of an article knows how nerve-racking or even revolting the entire process can be. Well, imagine if this is all one did for a living -- deal with people like us! It would be torture. It is torture.

So, I ask you. Does anyone out there feel sorry for me?

Really? Not a single one?


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