Friday, September 26, 2008

You Know We're in Trouble....

... before I complete that thought, I'd like you to identify the source of the following:

As the Bush administration attempts to ram a bailout package of nearly one trillion dollars through Congress, it begins to feel like Colonel Sanders asking the public to trust him to take care of the chickens.

If it weren’t so damn serious, there would be something almost comical about it. Here we have the White House, which has squandered trillions of dollars over eight years, and its point man, Hank Paulson, fresh from 38 years of gaming the financial system while working at Goldman Sachs, insisting that Congressional leaders hand over a trillion dollars to them with no debate and no strings attached.

Could have come from pretty much anywhere, right?

Give up? OK, I took it from an article entitled "Ramming Through the Bailout," published the other day by the Communist Party USA Online.

To finish the sentence...

You know we're in trouble when the Communist Party line on the bailout could have been crafted by the House Republican Caucus.

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