Monday, July 27, 2009

The Public Relations Genius of Patrick Byrne

Judd Bagley runs Byrne's self-degradation campaign

You might think that planting spyware in emails and Yahoo posts is "so 2007," but don't bet on it.'s wack-a-doo CEO Patrick Byrne is "back in the game," as that obnoxious dieting commercial says.

A blogger at the Daily Kos, who had been needling Byrne in previous posts, reports tonight that he was sent a spyware-infected email that obviously came from Byrne's henchman, the ever-nauseating Judd Bagley. Bagley also sent links to crude tracking spyware planted in Yahoo message boards.

The typically nauseating details are here.

The comments are interesting, but I think this one is the best, and at this writing had been recommended by three dozen Kos readers:

My wife ain't gonna be happy...she's bought a few things from them.

No more. It might not mean much, but I'd pay double for something instead of putting another penny into that piece of shit's pocket.

Hey, you can't buy publicity like that.

UPDATE: Bagley and Byrne proudly admit their latest cyberstalking venture, and point to the latest missive on Deep Capture in which Bagley lies about everything, including my gig at Portfolio. (See update to Kos post, at the bottom. Evidently Byrne started counting my Portfolio articles and stopped at "one").

Excellent follow-up in, entitled "Patrick Byrne, Will You Please Go Away Now!"

Here's a follow-up post describing Byrne's motives: he is, as usual, cooking the books at Overstock.

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