Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bernie Madoff Speaks! (and lies) While Arthur Levitt's Memory Fails Him

Notes of Bernie Madoff's interview with the SEC inspector general were released yesterday, and they make fascinating reading--as long as you keep in mind that Madoff was lying through his teeth, primarily to protect people.

Here's the SEC exhibits page, and here (PDF) is the record of Madoff's interview.

You can be sure that Madoff was lying because of this:

When questioned as to whether he was concerned about Frank DiPascali giving testimony, Madoff answered,"No, he didn't know anything was wrong, either."

In fact, DiPascali, who was Madoff's number two man, has already pleaded guilty, and at the time of his plea in August he said as follows:
“I knew I was participating in a fraudulent scheme,” DiPascali told U.S. District Judge Richard Sullivan. “I knew everything I did was wrong, and it was criminal, and I did it knowingly and willfully. I accept complete responsibility for what I did. I apologize to every victim and to my family and the government. I am very, very, very sorry.”
This is the clearest example I can find of Madoff lying to government officials during the period following his arrest.

However, I'm less dubious about Madoff's statements about how tight he was with former SEC officials and commissioners. Madoff said the following about the super-hyped ex-SEC chairman Arthur Levitt:
Madoff stated that he knew Levitt at Amex, before he was at the SEC, and stated that he knew Levitt "very well." Madoff stated that he went to lunch with Levitt once, to complain to Levitt that he "had to do something about intemet stocks." Madoff stated that Levitt subsequently "went on t.v. and gave a warning about it."
In his interview, Levitt tried hard to convey the impression that he didn't know Madoff from a hole in the ground, though his response was... well, let's call it a "lawyer's response." His memory has failed him when it comes to Madoff, poor dear, preventing him from giving an unequivocal answer:
Mr. Levitt stated that he met Bernard Madoff on an infrequent basis while he was Chairman of the SEC, mostly at seminars or outside functions. He approximated that he saw Mr. Madoff once a year while he was the Chairman of the SEC. He did not recall having lunch with Mr. Madoff and did not believe he ever met with Mr. Madoff alone. Mr. Levitt stated he did not have a personal friendship with Mr. Madoff, had never socialized with him, and did not know his family, other than having met Bernard Madoffs brother.
Note what I've put in boldface italics. He approximated, he did not recall, he did not believe.That's my Artie! The Investor's Champion, to quote a puff piece that I'm ashamed to say once appeared in my alma mater, BusinessWeek.

Yes indeed, you can rest assured that Artie Levitt was no pal of Bernie Madoff (that being an approximation and belief to the best of his recollection).

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