Monday, December 20, 2010

Omuse Bites the Dust

New page listings on Omuse in its heyday

The corporate crime petri dish,, has quietly pulled the plug on its Wikipedia wanna-be, Omuse. I discovered that today, getting a dead link when trying to use the hyperlink

Omuse was created originally to provide a spot on the payroll for Judd Bagley, CEO Patrick Byrne's resident cyberstalker, and was essentially abandoned when Bagley was transferred to Byrne's personal payroll. Now Bagley is back on the Overstock payroll and Omuse was quietly taken offline.

The site attracted virtually no interest from Overstock users, so Byrne used it to print tirades and to serve as a sounding board for conspiracy theorist Phil Saunders. Things got so bad that Byrne had Overstock employees writing Omuse articles.

I guess the pretense that this was a legitimate use of corporate funds is no longer worth keeping.

I also notice that Overstock has pulled the plug on a longstanding promotional link to Byrne's "Deep Capture" smear site,

Whether any of this is related to the ongoing SEC investigation, or the reappearance of Byrne's father John J. Byrne on the board of directors, is anyone's guess.

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