Saturday, July 09, 2005

How's that for an unoriginal name for a blog? There's a reason for that. This blog should really be appearing on my website, Unfortunately, my web publisher hasn't quite gotten the blogging machinery in gear just yet. So here I am, temporarily.

Why a blog?

Well, I'm hoping to use this to communicate with people who've read my book and my articles over the years, and give them an opportunity to sound off. Also I'd like to sound off a bit myself.

I'm at work on a second book but--sorry, I can't talk about that. Premature.

I just joined a consortium of investigative reporters who have come together to investigate the murder of Paul Klebnikov in Moscow a year.

But I can't talk about that either.

So what can I talk about? Well, pretty much anything else that comes into my mind. You won't find articles here, but rather musings, ramblings, and general nonsense. This is, after all, a blog.


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