Monday, March 27, 2006

Early Kudo etc. etc. etc.

The first general-circulation review of Wall Street Versus America has come out (a bit, ahem, early) -- and it is a rave from the Houston Chronicle. Here is a link.

Golly. "Erudite and savagely funny." Very nice. True, but nice.

I've been blogging a bit less than usual because of the press of other business, including this op-ed piece that ran in the New York Times on Saturday. Bear Stearns was recently the subject of a $250 million fine that was, as I describe, chump change.

Meanwhile, I see that there has been a lot of activity on the short-selling-subpoena-baloney-Overstock-Biovail-etc.-etc.-etc. front, including a report on 60 Minutes on Biovail's lawsuit against a hedge fund and independent research firm. It was a straightforward account, and it had nothing to do with the nonexistent "naked short selling" scandal, so naturally it was immediately proclaimed as a major public relations victory by the Baloney Brigade.

Oddly, a Dateline NBC segment last August, though sympathetic to the balonies, was vilified by these same knuckleheads. Logic has never been their strong point.

Lesley Stahl said something to the effect that this segment should interest every small investor with an IRA or 401k. I agree. If the CEO of a company you own goes on a crusade against short-sellers, dump the stock immediately.


Wall Street Versus America will be published by Penguin USA on April 6.
Click here for its listing and here for more information on the book, from my web site.

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