Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Slow Wheels of Justice

Great piece in the Asbury Park Press today about the last chapter in the long-running saga of Bob Brennan and First Jersey Securities.

Brennan was a photogenic guy who ran a brokerage firm that pushed its wares on the public in the 1980s. He was famed for his TV commercial, one of which showed him arriving in a helicopter at a building resembling the White House. "Come Grow With Us," the announcer would say.

Some tough financial journalists -- predecessors to the ones receiving SEC subpoenas today -- proved that Brennan was a charlatan. For years he was unsuccessfully pursued by the SEC.. But eventually, long after the last investor was fleeced, the feds finally nailed Brennan.

The Press picks up the story:

[Brennan] filed for bankruptcy in August 1995, shortly after a federal court judge said he defrauded investors and fined him $75 million.

Federal investigators eventually determined that Brennan didn't disclose everything he owned on his bankruptcy petition. He was tried and convicted of bankruptcy fraud. And he is serving a 12-year sentence at the federal prison at Fort Dix.

The bankruptcy court trustee, Donald F. Conway, actually did a pretty good job of tracking down Brennan's assets and distributing $62 million to victims. Still, that's less than half of the $143.3 million in restitution Brennan was ordered to pay.

Anyway, it's a nice piece. There are plenty of microcap-pushing Bob Brennans out there -- none quite so big, but in the aggregate they are far more of a danger to investors than Bob Brennan ever was. It's a shame we don't see more media attention to this problem.


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