Thursday, April 27, 2006

An Offer He Can Refuse

A former Merrill Lynch customer named Rand Groves plays a prominent role in my book, as an example of the kind of agony investors face if they have a serious dispute with a brokerage firm. As explained in the Introduction, available on my website, Rand feels he was.... well, suffice to say that he is no fan of Merrill.

Today Rand sent me a copy of an invitation that he just received for a retirement seminar -- from Merrill, naturally. It is being held at a restaurant in Trenton called "Rat's." Really.

It's a tempting invitation, as you can imagine, but Rand isn't going.


Wall Street Versus America was published by Penguin USA on April 6.
Click here for its listing and here for more information on the book, from my web site.

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