Sunday, August 13, 2006

Ironic Quote of the Day

Today's Ironic Quote (of the "pot calling kettle black" variety) comes from chief executive/conspiracy theorist/journalist-taunter/short-and-analyst-suer/"miscreant"-blamer Patrick Byrne.

Byrne, the steward of a company that has never turned a profit and whose shares are at a 52-week low.... Byrne, the field marshal of a screwball campaign against an imaginary "stock counterfeiting" conspiracy -- yes, that Patrick Byrne was quoted in the Salt Lake Tribune as saying the following about the Securities Industry Association:

"Saying they care about investors is like Big Tobacco saying they care about smokers."

Yup, that's our investor advocate talking. Too bad he can't seem to advocate his way into, oh... maybe a single profitable quarter for

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