Sunday, March 25, 2007

Eichenwald Thrashed -- Again

Kurt Eichenwald, who has been a pinata lately for his infamous $2000 check to Justin Berry, has been given yet another public thrashing -- this time by New York Times public editor Byron Calame, a highly respected former Wall Street Journal editor.

His column is here.

It's a devastating column. His "private citizen" explanation for the check is called "baloney." Calame says that Eichenwald "misled" his editors and concludes by saying that "even if editors ask a reporter the right questions, they must be able to trust the answers they get." That's pretty close to calling Eichenwald a liar.

I can't quarrel with the findings of the column though I'm sure Eichenwald will, and I will post his response when I see it. One question occurred to me as I read it: Would Calame have been quite this harsh if Eichenwald was still working at the Times?

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