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How to Kill a Story

I've been tough on CJR's Daily's biz journalism column The Audit, so I wanted to point out that new editor/writer Dean Starkman has an outstanding piece the other day, which I lamentably only noticed tonight, entitled, "How to Kill a Story."

Dean quotes the Wall Street Journal account of how Rupert Murdoch tried to kill a story he didn't like at the Sunday Times of London, and he makes the following observations:

How do you kill a story? It must be hard, right? All reporters know the truth: any monkey can do it.

"Are you sure of your facts? Have you got a smoking gun here?"

Or how about: You're "boring people."

He goes on to describe how Murdoch such objections to kill the story he didn't like, and then notes as follows:

But what readers need to understand is that in the wrong environment, investigative stories are as vulnerable as Janet Leigh in the Bates Motel.

To be clear: doing stories about public corruption is hard. Killing stories about public corruption is easy. Does anyone seriously think Watergate would have run in a News Corp. newspaper?

Or many other newspapers and magazines, for that matter. Indeed, the enemies of tough reporting at my alma mater Business Week -- mostly eased out in the recent layoffs and upper-masthead push-outs -- were also guilty of using the same tactics. "Bad editing in bad faith," as Dean puts it. I love the "Janet Leigh" analogy. Too true.

At BW, the excuse for not running articles on stock fraud, for instance, was that the subject matter was "small bore" -- a term whose use I described in Wall Street Versus America. (Boredom was, obviously, never an objection.)

Anyway, the Audit article is worth reading. It is here.

I note that Dean didn't even refer to himself in the third person even once. Could the Audit really be improving?

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