Friday, June 29, 2007

The Indian Mangoes Arrive


The first Indian mangoes of the season -- which also happen to be the first Indian mangoes ever imported, thanks to a new India-U.S. trade pact -- have arrived. And boy, are they yummy.

You can buy them at ..... nah, I think I'll be selfish and not say where you can buy them. You see, they are only available in the New York area at a few stores that specialize in Indian products, and they sell out almost immediately. So sorry, but I don't want to jeopardize my supply.

Oh, and don't try finding 'em on the Internet. None are available on Ebay, and the shippers that you do find will only ship mangoes within India. See, they have to be irradiated to eliminate fruit flies, which is the reason mangoes were previously unavailable in this country.

If you ever try one (and I hope you don't, so there will be more for me), you'll know what I'm talking about. Indian mangoes are simply not comparable to the pulpy, weird-tasting imitations that are imported from Mexico.

Right now, if you can find them (and I hope you don't), they are sold by the case -- $30 bucks for twelve succulent Kesar mangoes. I've heard of prices as high as $4 a mango. Believe me, they're worth it. They're shipped in by air freight, but hopefully in the future they will be coming in by ship.

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