Monday, July 30, 2007

Brian Hunter Pulls a 'Richard Kimble'

Any fan of the great old sixties show The Fugitive will appreciate the latest news from the saga of Brian Hunter: hedge fund failure, website-suer, and all-around creep.

The Globe and Mail reported today that Hunter, on a lunch break from an interview with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, suddenly "pulled a Kimble" and lit out!

I'm serious. Here's what the Globe and Mail says:

Brian Hunter, the Calgarian who made more than $100-million trading natural gas for Amaranth Advisors LLC before the hedge fund collapsed, fled the U.S. as Washington regulators were trying to interview him earlier this year, the chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission says.

"He was in the middle of an interview and there was a lunch break, and he never came back from lunch," FERC chairman Joseph Kelliher said in an interview yesterday after announcing preliminary findings that Amaranth, Mr. Hunter and another trader manipulated the market over three months early last year. FERC is seeking total penalties of $291-million (U.S.).

Why do you think he did that? I mean, what's going on here.... Were they, like, rude to him or somthing? Did he have indigestion.....? Or maybe he....

Oh, wait a second. I know!

He's looking for the one-armed man who actually manipulated the natural gas market!

Dealbreaker has more, but I think my theory makes the most sense.

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