Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Death Threat Du Jour

Writing about slimy companies always puts one in the line of fire from a sizable wacko community -- deluded microcap investors who think even the crappiest companies should always go up and up and up.

Barry Minkow is learning just how criminally inclined some of these people are.

Minkow, who masterminded the ZZZZ Best fraud scheme and now exposes stock fraud, recently got a death threat as thanks for his great work exposing a crummy little Utah company (forgive the oxymoron) called Usana Health Sciences.

It appeared on the Usana message board of Yahoo, and I'll not post a link because I presume that Yahoo -- unlike its counterparts at the Investor Village message boards -- will promptly delete that threat.

Here is a redacted screen shot:

Note the publication of purported Social Security numbers -- obtainable online, but at some cost.

Obviously Barry is on to something. He's drawing blood, and that always brings out the bloodsuckers.

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