Friday, November 30, 2007

Utah Attorney General Caught in a Lie

In a blog item a few days ago, I described how Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff participated in a PR stunt for the Utah-based, SEC-investigated corporate train wreck

No big surprise. He has done that before, after all, for another sleazy Utah company, Usana Health Sciences.

What is startling, if not surprising, is that it appears that Shurtleff's entire P.R. stunt was predicated on a lie. See Sam Antar's blog today.

This is now the second time that the Utah attorney general has acted on behalf of a disreputable Utah company, and the facts in this one are even more damaging than his "endorsement" of Usana. I'd say that the people of Utah deserve an explanation.

Their tax dollars pay this man's salary. If he is wants to work for bad companies, and not the people of his state, he should quit his job and go into corporate flackery. I know one third-rate internet retailer that would be only too happy to put him on the payroll.

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