Friday, March 14, 2008

More Inventory Mishegas (BIDZ Edition)

White collar crime fighter Sam Antar has a fascinating blog item on possible accounting mishegas, this time at

Eric Savitz picks up on the story at the Barron's website. Savitz had previously reported that the company had previously raised a ruckus about "naked short selling," the all-purpose excuse of scuzzy companies, with or without accounting mishegas.

Speaking of mishegas (defined here), the clown prince of public companies, Patrick Byrne, is expected to belch forth a Form 10-K for on Monday. What merriment awaits? Stay tuned.

I note that Byrne, consistent with his policy of doing everything but strip naked in public to divert attention from his ineptness, appeared on Fox News yesterday to say that Eliot Spitzer. . . . arghh, too bad. Having technical difficulties. Guess this diversion will have to go unrecorded.

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