Thursday, April 10, 2008

Warning: Judd Bagley is on the Loose

A reader advises me that's chief propagandist/cyberstalker/astroturf-site proprietor, its nauseating director of communications Judd Bagley, is on the loose in stock message boards, seeking to identify the real identities of anonymous critics of his boss Patrick Byrne.

His latest handiwork is here. Apparently two critics of the company on Yahoo message boards have raised his ire.

Hey, you can't really blame him. What else is Bagley supposed to do? Even though he is technically Overstock's chief spokesman, he no longer appears on press releases. His Wikipedia wanna-be project "Omuse," which he was ostensibly hired to create, has been an utter disaster: all of seven new pages this year, and Byrne himself, taking away time from his job as a full-time Wikipedia editor, acts as a contributor (of an attack on me, of course).

Hey, Byrne's not a perennial on "ten worst CEO" lists for nothing. But he is the blogger's best friend, when he is not being his own worst enemy.

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