Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Are We Ready to Surrender Just Yet?

Time to surrender, don't you think?

Lawrence Fink of BlackRock says so, and he means it in a nice way, which is a sign of the times I guess.

Bloomberg reports:

BlackRock Inc. Chief Executive Officer Laurence Fink said he's seeing signs of ``capitulation'' in financial markets, a broad selloff that usually proceeds the end of a bear market.

``A year ago, I said we won't see a bottom until we see a capitulation,'' Fink, whose company is the largest publicly traded asset manager in the U.S., said today at an investment conference in New York. ``We are seeing a capitulation'' and financial markets may begin to recover by mid-2009, said Fink, 56.
Me, I'm a pessimist. I think this market's got a lot of fight left in it. Surrender? Hell no! This market is filled with piss and vinegar, and will die rather than capitulate.


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