Wednesday, May 06, 2009

CNBC's Effective Publicity Stunt

Here's a big shout out to my friends at CNBC, for proving yet again that its "multiple heads, talking over each other" format is working wonders in getting free publicity and the all-important "buzz."

I'm referring, of course, to Rick Santelli's yelling at Steven Liesman. Here's the link.

Oh gosh! Sorry. Wrong link. That was another Rick Santelli yelling at Steve Liesman (or vice versa). Here's the link.

Oh my goodness. Wrong again. OK, here is a Huffington Post blog item with the latest Santelli-yelling-at-Liesman-or-vice-versa. And just to show how CNBC has been able to get mileage from the other side of the political spectrum, here's a blog item from NewsBusters on the same yelling.

Bravo! Yelling works.

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