Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Gotti Movie Producer's Unsavory Past

Here's a recent Inside Edition segment, which just came on the web, about a new movie on John Gotti. It's a biopic starring John Travolta and being made with the cooperation of the Gotti family.

What's interesting is the pedigree of the producer. His name is Marc Fiore, he was part of the unsavory cast of characters in my 2003 book Born to Steal.

In the 1990s, when he went by the name Marco Fiore, he was in charge of crews of brokers at Mafia-affiliated brokerages. Fiore pleaded guilty to securities fraud and spent time in prison.

Sure, an ex-con has a right to make a living, but the problem is that Fiore has not come clean about his past. He says that his background was in "mergers and acquisitions." Actually the only "mergers" were the merger of other people's money with his wallet.

A video of the segment, featuring a well-known Mafia expert, can be found here.

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