Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Take on Fracking and Ron Paul

I am definitely in red-line-crossing mode this week, as I generated two columns appearing today on the most divisive subjects in the land, Ron Paul and hydrofracking.

My Street.com column deals with fracking, which I view as a well-poisoning monstrosity, and I have an essay in Salon dissecting Ron Paul, whom I view as a fraudulent populist. Both columns are generating numerous comments and, in the case of Paul, fiery emails!

But I'm pleased to say that the Salon column has generated, so far, over a thousand Facebook recommendations, indicating that the vast majority of readers tend to like the piece. So far, 630 comments, including many from peeved Paul-ites. Golly!

Not to worry. If you hate (or love) Paul there will be more to hate (or love) from me in the future, as I am becoming a regular contributor to that estimable online periodical. Ditto for fracking, a subject that I think will be fodder for future columns. So stay tuned.

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