Friday, May 19, 2006

That Chinese Torture Thing

I was glancing through a list of IP addresses accessing this blog lately -- one can do that, thanks to Sitemeter -- and was pleased to find a visitor from the US Marine Corps. Honored! My father worked for the Navy for many years, so I always viewed myself as something of a "civilian Navy brat."

But here's the thing that caught my eye. His or her was referred via Google search to my "Chinese Water Torture" item a while back.

I trust that this subject was researched purely for recreational purposes. If not, well, I hope it has something to do with that fellow who caused that gap in the skyline a few years ago. Go to it, guys!

Anyway, the "torture" that I wrote about was a metaphor for the experience of being interviewed by another journalist. The story never ran. So the whole experience was a waste of time -- except for providing fodder for two blog items!


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