Wednesday, August 23, 2006

It's Official: Mark Cuban Finally Loses It

It's official. The constant barrage of brickbats over his ill-conceived Sharesleuth money-making scheme has gotten to be too much for the poor dear. Mark Cuban has finally "lost it." Now he's responding to my criticism of Sharesleuth not by saying anything of substance, but by spreading a lie -- that I edited his article in Wikipedia.

UPDATE: A few weeks after appearance of this item, Wikipedia CEO Jimbo Wales personally repudiated Cuban's lie. Ironically, the anonymous tip Cuban received had come from Judd Bagley, an executive of -- a company Cuban despises and has shorted. Since the subject is now moot, I've removed the rest of this item and placed it in the comments section.

Bagley later confessed to running's smear site. See this subsequent post.

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