Sunday, November 23, 2008

Corporate Fraud Update, Department

My favorite corporate sleazebags, the management of, are the subject of two excellent posts over the past few days by my fellow white color crime aficionados, reformed felon-turned antifraud crusader Sam Antar and forensic accountant Tracy Coenen.

Overstock is a worthy subject for several reasons, notably (for me at least) its sustained effort to silence critics. These two latest blog posts do an excellent job at something the SEC has failed to do, which is to call this company's management to account.

Tracy's post, here, is an excellent digest of the ongoing Overstock train wreck. Sam today describes the kind of legal peril that theoretically faces the company because of its disclosure violations.

I say "theoretically" because Overstock has gotten away with murder in the face of an indifferent SEC. Let's hope that one of the things President-elect Obama will be changing is a federal securities apparatus that has given up on enforcing the securities laws.

Tracy's rundown of Overstock's long list of transgressions is worth repeating:

[One constant over the past two years] has been the criticism of fans of Patrick Byrne and Overstock. Byrne has been trying to silence his critics, and even went so far as to hire cyberstalker Judd Bagley to threaten and intimidate the company’s critics.

The fact always remained that there were inconsistencies in disclosures, unusual financial statement items, and a general appearance that management at was not forthcoming in its presentation of financial results. The questionable matters included:

The critics kept writing, and now the truth comes out. Byrne and his paid stooges continuously tried to discredit the critics, claiming there was some conspiracy to take down Overstock. The truth has always been that is a horrible company run by an incompetent and mentally unstable CEO.

In the latest Overstock screwing of its investors, the company on Friday announced plans for yet another secondary stock offering. That's what failing companies do: when they can't sell products, they sell stock.

Clearly Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne believes investors are as dumb as he is inept, which is saying a lot. The stock sold off sharply just before the Friday announcement, indicating to me that at least some investors -- the ones with inside information -- know better than to hang on to this dog.

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