Monday, July 11, 2005

MORE ON MILLER: Sorry. I know that a lot of people are coming to this blog from my website, and want to read about the Mafia or Wall Street. Problem is, this Miller case bugs me.

I liked an exchange in Romenesko between the Los Angeles Times' op-ed page editor, Nick Goldberg, and Bill Keller of the NY Times. Goldberg offered Judy Miller the opportunity to respond to a column in his paper. Keller responded: "Sadly, Judy is not on a fellowship at some writers' colony. She is in JAIL. She is sleeping on a foam mattress on the floor, and her communications are, shall we say, constrained."

That's for sure. Anyone who has ever had to communicate with a federal prisoner can attest to that. There's something about being in a prison that is, shall we say, confining.

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