Monday, January 23, 2006

UPDATE ON READER COMMENTS: So far I've received quite a few comments. I let a few through, but have had to spike most of them because they were repetitive, slanderous, sick.... well, I think this sums it up:

.... and I am running neither a delicatessen nor a mental institution.

Sorry guys. You can cry "censorship" all you want, but I am not going to turn this blog into an extension of the naked-shorting-baloney websites. Also, I think you're being a bit disingenuous complaining about this, since I've heard from several people that contrary opinions are verboten on your various blogs and websites.

Some of these Baloney Brigade foot soldiers apparently are confusing this blog with an SEC rulemaking that they can flood with their tired, stale, incoherent and nonsensical arguments.

The theory appears to be that if they produce enough spam, they can bulldoze their way past the usual barriers of common sense. Unfortunately, it worked at the SEC, which was browbeaten by a coalition of stock promoters and crackpots into passing Reg. SHO -- despite a near-total absence of evidence that there was an actual problem to be addressed.

Since Reg. SHO didn't carry out the objective of the Baloney Brigade, which is to raise the share prices of crappy companies, la lucha continua and the Baloney Blitzkrieg is marching on. Hence the spam and the craziness and the baloney.

UPDATE, Jan. 27: As noted in a subsequent item, all the comments went poof! when I installed Holoscan. I mean all comments -- the good, the bad and the baloney. I might consider reposting the baloney. All will be considered on a slice-by-slice basis.

But frankly, I think I've devoted too much space on this blog to the Baloney Brigade as it is. As a matter of fact I've deleted and condensed some posts chronicling the adventures of these characters.


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