Monday, April 03, 2006

A Times Review? Moi?

I'm still reeling from the experience of the generous review in the New York Times this morning. At left is a depiction of how I appeared this morning, as captured by cellphone camera. "Highly illuminating"? Aw, shucks.

As you can see from the review, Wall Street Versus America doesn't pull any punches! Another important point, which I'm glad was emphasized in the review, is that this book is for a general reader, even though I deal with complicated subjects.

In fact, one person who interviewed me recently for another publication noted something to the effect that "this sure isn't what you wrote for Business Week," which I think he meant in a positive way. Actually in the Acknowledgments I point out that the guiding spirits behind the book, whether they like it or not, were the two BW editors who ran the magazine's Wall Street coverage through 2001.

As SABEW's Talking Biz News blog points out today, the good and, mainly, bad traits of the financial press are dealt with throughout the book.

The Times review concludes by opining that this book may "provoke change" -- and hopefully it will be real change and change for the better, in contrast to so much of what has emerged from Wall Street regulators in recent years.


Wall Street Versus America will be published by Penguin USA on April 6.
Click here for its listing and here for more information on the book, from my web site.


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