Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Baloney Brigade Hits a New Low

I've posted occasionally in the past about the menacing, sometimes threatening conduct of the boiler room retreads and kooks who comprise the Baloney Brigade "stock counterfeiting conspiracy" cult. But a reader brings to my attention yet a new low -- a public death wish against a Dow Jones reporter.

It came in a comment on the cult's "sanitycheck"website. In a post yesterday, the anonymous crackpot who runs the site, "Bob O'Brien"(pseudonym of used medical equipment salesman named Phil Saunders) smeared Roddy Boyd of the New York Post and Carol Remond of Dow Jones News Service for failing to tow the party line. I'm also a frequent target of mudslinging by this creep, as is an illustrious group of journalists and commentators ranging from Jim Cramer to Herb Greenberg to Joe Nocera and, most recently, Bill Baldwin, editor in chief of Forbes. The usual paranoid line is that we don't kowtow to the Baloney Brigade because we are lined up for handouts from "miscreants."

Yesterday's Boyd-Remond smear was fairly typical until we come to the following comment, which had not been removed a day later, by a person who signed his name "FreddoCazzo":

I hope people like Carol all end up either behind bars, or better yet, dead. This gene pool could use a lil chlorine!
Not a single person contradicted this nut, and some hours later he opined:

there comes a time when eloquence and patience gives way. Its not about being filled with hate, as much as it is love for your fellow brothers and sisters who have been mercilessly raped, sodomized and choked.....such nefarious behaviors call for extreme measures please add a little bleach to the gene pool.....and wishing these people die is basically just wishing for the inevitable.....whats wrong with that?
Again, not a word in contradiction, and the two posts remain on the "sanitycheck" site (though something tells me they are about to disappear.....).

As anyone familiar with such things can attest, any time a real or perceived enemy is wished "dead," it is something to take seriously. Hopefully the appropriate law enforcement agencies will do so.

And these idiots influence state legislatures? The mind boggles. Time for the appropriate authorities to pay attention, and investigate the Baloney Brigade's funding and tactics.

© 2006 Gary Weiss


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