Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Best Take on 'Mariagate' So Far

It's from Yvette Kantrow, writing in

After briefly summing up the overblown and sometimes "incoherent" media coverage, she goes on to conclude:
What remains unanswered is: Did Bartiromo urge viewers to buy Citi's stock? To use its financial services? Was she noticeably easier on Citi than she was on similar firms? Did she, Henry Blodget-like, say one thing about Citi in private but something else about it in public? Maybe she did. Honestly, we don't know. Call us lazy, but we haven't watched all of the tapes or read all of the transcripts of her Citi reporting. But until someone does, we suggest calling off the dogs.
This needs to be read in conjunction with Pam Martens' Counterpunch articles, which give further needed perspective on the real issues in this ongoing media orgy.

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