Friday, February 16, 2007

Bulletin: Maria Bartiromo Not Fired

It's typical of the hysteria surrounding Maria Bartiromo that her not being fired is actually legitimate news. Keith Kelly points out in the New York Post today that Maria has not been canned by Business Week.

This is legit news, as I said, and in fact I had been wondering if Steve Adler would knuckle under to the headlines and kick her column out of Business Week. I'm not a big fan of her column, to say the least, but getting rid of her because of the "scandal" that has developed would have been a bad move.

There still hasn't been any convincing evidence, at least none that I've seen, that Maria actually did something wrong. Tasteless, yes. But unless she influenced CNBC's coverage of Citigroup (and there have been some titterings to that effect, but no hard evidence), I'd say it is time to leave the lady alone.

Or as they say on 13th Avenue, "leave her the f--- alone"!

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