Thursday, February 22, 2007

Must Reading For Train Wreck Fans

A new blog is required reading for regulators or anyone following the self-destruction of

It's called "O-Smear," and it was created by the Internet sleuth "ScipioAfricanus." Scipio was largely responsible for's "director of social media," Judd Bagley, being outed as operator of Overstock's corporate smear site He also has done excellent work chronicling Bagley's use of spyware to track Patrick Byrne's critics, and above all in tracking Byrne's dissembling and contradictory statements in public message boards.

Anyone probing Overstock will find this blog a comprehensive source of information on this third-rate retailer's disgraceful, unethical, and possibly illegal conduct. It is a rich source of information for anyone interested in, its nauseating proprietor, and his "bellowing" (to quote Bloomberg) overlord.

The URL is

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