Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Forbidden Solengo Brochure Arises

As a result of Solengo Capital's junk lawsuit and cease-and-desist campaign against Dealbreaker and bloggers -- still largely ignored by the media -- the infamous marketing brochure has disappeared from the web. Until now.

A civic-minded reader has posted a link to the brochure on a website.

Be sure to download it before these hedge fund bullies go on their next lawsuit rampage.

The people behind Solengo are the same ones who drove the Amaranth Advisors hedge fund into the ground. It is tempting to say, "They may not do a very good job at managing money, but they sure do an excellent job of pushing around bloggers."

Far preferable is this thought: "They may not do a very good job of managing money, and hopefully investors aren't so dumb as to give them another chance." Let's keep our fingers crossed. Meanwhile, be sure to download that brochure!

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