Sunday, April 01, 2007

A Hot Topic, a leading Indian website, reprinted my column on Wal-Mart and India on Wednesday. So far there are 213 comments, some impassioned and most quite thoughtful pro and con.

Here's the Rediff pickup and comments.

I've been getting a lot of emails. which is great, but I would appreciate it if people would post their views here, or in the comments section of this item. That way your views can be heard by everybody.

UPDATE: Oddly, the comments section to the Rediff article was deleted. That seems to be the website's policy. Oh well. A lot of the commentswere pretty good, and I'd have liked to see them retained.

Here is another blog reaction which I though made some good points. Just to address one point that this gent makes: my use of the term "bazaars" was not to imply anything exotic. That just happens to be the Hindi word for markets.

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