Sunday, December 02, 2007

Ed Zander Goes Home

Ed Zander enjoying a quiet meal with the family

Jeff Matthews reports that Ed Zander, CEO of Motorola, has stepped down because he was "anxious to spend time with his family." Such was the initial Bloomberg headline on Friday, believe it or not.

The New York Times reports, with a straight face, that "Mr. Zander insisted Friday that the decision to leave now was his own, and that he was looking forward to time with his family." Yet the same article describes his departure as an "ouster."

This is not necessarily a contradiction. When one has been publicly ousted from a high-profile job, there is nothing like the family to provide solace. And yes, the decision to leave "was his own." Again, if one is being ousted, one can either barricade oneself in one's office or leave. Zander chose to go home.

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