Sunday, May 04, 2008

Richard Altomare Enjoys First Sunday in Prison

The imprisoned CEO in happier days

Richard A. Altomare, ex-CEO of Universal Express, is celebrating the conclusion of his first weekend in Metropolitan Correctional Center, where he is being kept until he coughs up $1.7 million of the money he stole from shareholders.

The federal Bureau of Prisons database confirms that he is still there, and has not been freed or has sawed his way out with a file concealed in a cake, like in the movies.

The MCC website does not provide information on the kind of weekend facilities that are available for imprisoned inmates, even CEOs. It is a lovely day today in New York, but picnicking is not permitted. Hopefully he is enjoying the cuisine in the mess hall, and not coming down with indigestion like the unfortunate gent pictured at right.

Since imprisonment of crooked CEOs is such a rare event nowadays, I think that a jail house vigil of sorts is in order.

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