Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bernie Madoff Has No Enemies. Only His Friends Hate Him

You really have to hand it to this man: at a time when millions of Americans are suffering from the economic collapse, The Shtunk provides much-needed comic relief. The New York Times today has the incredible story of how Bernie Madoff swindled members of his high school graduating class.

What a sweet guy he is. What's next? Robbing a 95-year-old man? Nope, he's done that already. Swindling synagogues? Sorry, taken. I don't know.... pushing kittens into a garbage disposal? Aha! I also think that "robbing the blind" might be something we'll be seeing in the months ahead.

The high school swindling was just a sidelight. The main point of the Times article was to explore whether Madoff confided in his adoring wife. Both are represented by the same lawyer, which ordinarily would signal that that he didn't, but in this case you can't take anything for granted. I hope that prosecutors, who were incredibly naive in agreeing to Bernie's release, will pursue that angle vigorously.

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