Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A Man Hard at Work

The O-Smear Blog has a detailed analysis describing how Overstock.com's full-time stalker, Judd Bagley, has been busily working at one of the key aspects of his job -- posting on stock message boards.

As you can see, Bagley has spent hours puttering around the Investor Village message board, using various sockpuppets, on behalf of his dipsy-doodle boss Patrick Byrne.

The O-Smear post should be read in conjunction with my item a few days ago, in which I described how the "OMuse" wiki -- Bagley's supposed job at Overstock.com -- has been an abject failure.

No company other than Hewlett Packard has devoted itself to obsessively stalking its critics. Yet the SEC, which is investigating Overstock and Byrne, has so far done nothing about it.

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