Monday, April 14, 2008

You Can't Keep a Bad Man Down

Brian Hunter, the website-suer, Richard Kimble wanna-be and Amaranth Fund torpedo-er, arguably one of the worst hedge fund managers in history, has come storming back, according to FINalternatives newsletter.
Peak Ridge Commodity Volatility Fund, which has been advised by Hunter since last year, is up 103% since its November launch, and returned 49% in the first quarter. Boston-based private equity shop Peak Ridge Capital Group bought the assets of Solengo Capital Advisors, the hedge fund Hunter tried—and failed—to set up in the wake of Amaranth’s collapse. In addition to Hunter, Peak Ridge hired nine other Solengo vets, including Shondell Sabad, who served as chief operating officer at Solengo and is now CFO of Peak Ridge.
Hopefully the fund is open to new investors, so that stupid people can buy into this fund before it collapses.

FINalternatives points out that Hunter is facing enforcement action by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Who cares? Give this man your money.

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