Monday, May 05, 2008

Richard Altomare Jailhouse Vigil: Day Three

This is now the third day of Richard Altomare's incarceration in Metropolitan Correctional Center. The former CEO of Universal Express remains under lock and key until he coughs up $1.7 million of the plunder he stole from shareholders -- and the response of the Baloney Brigade stock market conspiracy nutcases has been surprisingly muted.

There has been, for example, none of the demonstrations that microcap fraud aficionados held in 2005 before the offices of the Depository Trust & Clearing Corp. in Manhattan (above). As I recounted in Wall Street Versus America, this motley assortment of stock promoters and idiots pranced in front of DTCC for several days, making fools of themselves.

Their "cause" was a fraudulent penny stock called CMKM Diamonds, which also blamed its woes on nekkid shorting. These fools were dumb enough to believe them.

I think a demonstration in front of MCC is clearly in order. Meanwhile, Altomare himself can help tremendously by engaging in that age-old pastime of wrongly incarcerated martyrs since time immemorial: I modestly propose that Altomare commence a fast unto death.

IRA prisoners in Northern Ireland have done it, and so did Mahatma Gandhi. So why not Altomare? Think of the worldwide publicity. It would be even better if Altomare's supporters and fellow naked-shorting-myth promoters follow suit. I think they need to get cracking on that right away.

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