Tuesday, January 24, 2006

THE BALONEY CONTINUES: Phil Saunders a/k/a "Bob O'Brien," the bravely anonymous leader of the Baloney Brigade, responded to today's DTCC press release with a lengthy, rambling comment that doesn't even attempt to counter anything in the DTCC press release.

As usual, the ex-used medical equipment salesman's position is that he doesn't have to prove a thing. The rest of the world, the victims of his rants, must come up with "facts" to counter his nutty allegations. He then expresses displeasure that I have not turned over my blog to him to rant at length and goes on to accuses DTCC -- as usual, without substantiation -- of "lying," and slanders an award-winning Dow Jones reporter who has not written articles to his or her (being anonymous, we have no way of knowing) satisfaction.

"Bob," I have a question for you. This you are welcome to post on, and at length. What is your name? Who finances your website? Who finances the Baloney Blitzkrieg?

UPDATE: "Bob" responded in typical fashion, by saying "I'll be happy to respond" and then, after six hundred words, not responding.

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