Wednesday, January 25, 2006

BALONEY UPDATE: As is standard practice with the Baloney Brigade, the group's chief spokesman, a former used medical equipment salesman named Phil Saunders who cowers behind the fictional name "Bob O'Brien," responded to the posts in this blog, and perceptions (mostly inaccurate) of the contents of my book, with a variety of libelous personal attacks on me in his website.

That is typical of the Baloney Brigade. Since the anti-shorters have nothing more than repetitive, stale arguments and meaningless or made-up "data" to advance their cause, they grow frustrated like little children and lash out when questioned -- but always cowering, using phony names like their mothers' skirts.

What's even more lamentable is if anyone takes seriously a movement whose principal spokesman doesn't have the integrity to use his real name.

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