Thursday, January 26, 2006

EXCERPT AVAILABLE: I've redesigned my website, and posted the Introduction from the book. You can find it here. The Introduction is available as a PDF file.

Among other things, my website makes note of the Baloney Brigade's hysterical reaction to this book -- which is, I guess, probably the best endorsement I could find. Since the pump-and-dump scam artists hate this book -- and they haven't even read one word of it -- you have got to figure that Wall Street Versus America is on the right track. One posted an entire "essay" on how wrong I was, based on one paragraph in the New York Post! That's how terrified these people are that their phony non-scandal is going to be dissected.

I'm hoping that this book will knock some sense into a regulatory community that has long been cowed by these loathsome con artists -- one of whom is a con man who goes by the phony name "Bob O'Brien," and bravely posts libelous attacks on the Internet while cowering behind that phony identity. "Bob" goes to great lengths to avoid being identified. However, my guess would be that he or she is a semiretired pump-and-dump scam artist.

It would be particularly gratifying if the North American Securities Administrators Assn., which has long been in the forefront of investor protection, finally sees these creeps for the snake-oil salesmen that they are, and moves on to genuine investor issues.

The Baloney Brigade is going to be disappointed by the Introduction -- because their crusade, fraudulent as it is, was not significant enough to be mentioned.


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